Curbs - when you need them - We're very proud of our track record!

For our customers and the users of our products to be happy with our products and service, we have always felt that there are 4 factors that will contribute to that happiness.

  1. Did the product ship when they were told?
  2. Did the product deliver when they were told?
  3. Did the product show up undamaged?
  4. Did the product work once it was installed?

We have set a goal for each item and have been tracking these 4 points on a weekly basis for many years. This allows us to make changes instantly if any one of them were to get off track.

  1. % Ship on time = 99.3% (Goal = 99.0%)
  2. % Delivered on time = 98% (Goal = 94.0%)
  3. % Damaged in transit = <0.5% (Goal = 1.0%)
  4. % Failures in the field = 0 (Goal = 0)

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